End of 2015 Update

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have gotten so busy. So here is an update and a promise:

My daughter turned 1!! She is walking, kinda talking, enjoying a couple bottles of breastmilk a day and eating like a crazy person. She has finally 2 teeth and her hair is finally coming in. She is just so adorable. (I am biased 🙂 )

My husband and I will be going on 5 years in April! I love him so much and he supports us right now, so I can stay home with our daughter. He spoils us both. He has been getting back into drumming now that his music room is back to where you can move around in it. It was storage for a while.

I have been growing my hair, which is very weird for me. I love chin length hair the most. I also have been going through some health issues. Knee pain, Stomach problems and Post Partum Anxiety. Getting back into working out now that physical therapy is over and they gave me ways to work around my knee. Need to lose some weight and get healthy.

Blog Posts Update:

I will be posting at least once a month from now on, things like product reviews, book reviews, Music that I am into at the moment, working out, healthy eating, and Mommy updates. Also as I get into saving money, I will be posting about that as well.

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