Rachel Hauck: Book Author

Rachel Hauck is a wonderful Author I have come to know. She writes spiritual love stories that are magical and uplifting. Every time I read one of her stories,  I can’t put it down. Her newest book The Wedding Chapel is a wonderful book about 2 couples and a chapel. Love stands strong even when apart. It helps you realize that even if life gets in the way, love is worth it. It does show struggles and real emotions. She captures what people are going through as she writes and tells a story. Coach and Collete are a couple that is torn apart for many years, but fate steps in at the last moment. Taylor and Jack are a new love that is going through a rough patch and need to learn to communicate and listen to each other. Hope you read this book to find out what happens.

She has also written How to Catch a PrinceOnce Upon a PrincePrincess Ever AfterThe Wedding DressA Season to Wed and many more. Please check out her Amazon page Rachel Hauck


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