Things you will need for a new baby

You see so many lists and registries for a new baby, that you may get overwhelmed. I know I was. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before she came into this world, but really what do you need?

I had some great friends and family that helped thankfully. I also did some research on products. I went basic and cheap and stocked up. I found deals or had things given to me.

Here is my list of items that we used and loved:

  1. Rock n Play Sleeper is my number one. It cradles them, it has them reclined, it can make music, vibrate and rock. It is a life saver, It even folds up, so you can take it with you. I had mine given to me, I just had to clean it and I even passed it on to a friend who loves it as well. iphone - 2014 037
  2. Changing Table is also another that was great. I had it in my living room for the first 4 months. It was great storage and came in handy when you had a gross baby. Most come with a buckle to keep them on there if u need to grab something or they wiggle a lot. Don’t always trust the sides to do that, if they are built up high. I got mine on a Facebook yard sale site for $25. Our daughter is one now and we use it for extra storage and to hold diapers in her room.
  3. Diaper Pail is a must! Baby diapers stink!!!!! We bought a cheap diaper pail, link provided. It uses kitchen trash bags, which is great. We buy the febreeze trash bags in bulk and are good to go. It holds a LOT too. Saves you money and your nose!
  4. Diapers are a must. We used Luvs diapers, plus whatever else we were given. Luvs hold a lot of pee by the way. We also used cloth one-size pocket diapers which are a lifesaver if you need to save money and have a washer and dryer. Buy in bulk with coupons, sales, and walmart/amazon. Also the link brings you to walmart to the biggest box of luvs diapers you can get at a retail store!
  5. Boudreaux Products are amazing and a life saver. They make butt paste in normal and extra strength plus a natural version, dry skin ointment, lip and cheek moisturizer, rash preventor, and body wash and shampoo. They are also safe for cloth diapers!
  6. Humidifiers are a must. Especially if you life in a place that the weather changes often or its extra cold or extra hot.
  7. Nose suction and saline are another you will need. Can get from hospital (hint).
  8. Onsies are major, lots of accidents can happen, I usually like to have enough to change 2xs a day, just in case.
  9. Bottles if you are formula or pumped breast milk feeding. I love playtex ventaire.
  10. One cuddly blanket for baby. The sleeper rocker was great because you can use a blanket and also they are good for tummy time. Blankets are baby’s friends.
  11. Fan because it helps prevent SIDS
  12. Wipes are needed for more than just butts. We buy in bulk of pampers, but when we can we buy the one and done wipes for when poop happens. They are great for little hands and faces. Also may save mommy and daddy too!

These are the bare necessities we used. Below will be a few extras to have if you are like my daughter and born in winter in Indiana.

  1. socks
  2. mittens
  3. hats
  4. wipe warmer (helps stop shooting pee)
  5. carseat cover
  6. pants

Then and Now of my cute Daughter. A year makes such a difference.

Let me know if you think of anything else that is a must to have or for weather specific.

12 thoughts on “Things you will need for a new baby

  1. maaikekhoukhi

    Great list! I would like to add a play mat. I had one with stuffed animals that made sounds, my baby loved it and would keep him occupied for at least some time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rose

    I am glad my baby days are over but after your first one you realize what you need, want, and shouldn’t have gotten. It’s all trial and error. Lol, and yep diapers are a must for sure!


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