Diy de-icer

The snow is here in Indiana! We had fun this morning getting our car ready to drive. Windshield is complete ice and over 3 inches of snow. Plus they plowed some snow behind our car, so you know it was fun getting out with a low riding car. Well we had to make Diy De-icer this morning.


Spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol


Mix 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol.

Either mix in spray bottle or mix seperately then add to bottle.

Easy as can be and works great! Hope this helps the ones who get the fun snow and ice.

Be safe out there.


15 thoughts on “Diy de-icer

  1. Hannah Stein

    I wish I knew this when I went to university in the Midwest! I live in the UK now where it doesn’t snow much but this is definitely going to be bookmarked for me to use in the future! Thanks!


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