Movies and shows for 1yr olds.

Now that my daughter is one, I am working on finding shows and movies for her to watch. 

Some of our favorites:

  1. Franklin is really great for kids and teaches lessons. It is colorful and has animals which we all know kids love.
  2. Kid songs/learning songs DVDs are great, we use baby Einstein, Dave and Ava, super simple songs and little baby bum. These are great to watch and keep on in the background. 
  3. CareBears is so cute and teaches lessons. Great for them to watch.
  4. Multi-show DVDs are great because you get a variety. We love the pbs ones.
  5. Sofia the first is just too cute and teaches lessons. When you have a girl you have to have princesses.
  6. Paw patrol is fun and of course it’s dogs! 
  7. Star Wars rebels because well this house is a Star Wars house!
  8. Disney movies and also anything with fish are good too. 
  9. Mickey Mouse clubhouse is kinda annoying to parents but kids love it!

We try not to let her watch much if any of adult shows. We tend to watch them before we go to bed or on a laptop or tablet with one headphone in while she is playing and/or watching her own show. 

I understand about limiting the tv time and believe me she plays all day long! It helps them learn and pick up new words if it is playing in the background. Plus some of the learning ones show them things like clapping and such. 

P.s. SpongeBob is not happening haha

What are you favorites and least favorites? 


29 thoughts on “Movies and shows for 1yr olds.

    1. mrseilar89

      We were trying for that, but her play room and our living room are together. We played baby Einstein in the back ground and then she noticed the pretty colors. She is learning a lot from the shows and is ahead. She was born 6 weeks early so we were worried.


  1. Amy

    I have a one year old daughter and we love Sofia the First and Paw Patrol too! I second Signing Time as it has allowed my daughter to communicate with me and tell me what she wants (at 14 months she signs more, banana, food, milk, and cracker). We have also found that Dragon Tales has some great lessons and fun music. Along with Strawberry Shortcake. I love the lessons in that story, and it incorporates puppies and music which really keep my daughter entertained!

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  2. Amanda

    My kids are all grown up now, but when they were little, we watched a lot of Disney movies. We didn’t have the choices that you listed back then. Or… we didn’t have the ability to get them. Now, my 18 year old watches Sponge Bob. I don’t think he will ever out grow it. 😉


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    1. mrseilar89

      Disney is great! I always watch things first before she does so I know it’s appropriate for her age. You can never know what they pick up lol. I’m trying to avoid sponge bob so much!


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