Marked Down Meat

I don’t know about you, but I love marked down meat! It is still good and at low prices. This was my my meat from today’s shopping trip. Notice the largest 2.5 lbs ground beef is only $1.38!!!! Score! It was hidden too. 

I freeze most of my meat and put into portion sizes. It helps with meal prep, wastefulness and saves you money. 

We use ziploc vacuum freezer bags which are amazing. They are a great investment plus we wash and reuse use them a few times before throwing them away. It makes my meat last up to 12 months in my freezer! What do you do with your meat?


6 thoughts on “Marked Down Meat

  1. lindahobden

    I get my weekly shop delivered – I order the food from the supermarket online. However, on the odd occasion I go to a supermarket, I do look at the discounted price offers as, like you say, the meat is still ok! I freeze my fresh meat too when I get it, unless I’m using it that day, but I keep the meat in the original wrappings – I have a family of 5 kids & so smaller portions are rarely required 😊

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  2. Claudia

    When I was cooking for a family of four, I used to mash the ground beef as flat as possible in the freezer bag. The flatter the meat, the quicker it thawed out. That is a great price on the ground beef! It.s about twice that much per pound around here!

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