DIY Curtains 

I needed a new curtain for my 1 yr daughter’s room, so I figured I would make one. I am big on saving money and using what I already have. I love the special touch of something made by hand. Now in advance, I am just getting more into sewing. My sewing skills are not great, but basic. Learning more every time I make something.

First I measured the size I needed and lucky me, I had a panal of fabric that was the perfect size just need a small amount off the bottom. My window is long, but I am making the curtain to the floor.

  1. Measure your window.
  2. Measure out the fabric you need plus extra for the seems.
  3. I first pin the two longer sides together and sew. I usually do 1/2 inch wide for the sides
  4. Then I pin the top to the size I need for the curtain rod. I normall do 2.5-3 inches wide.
  5. Then I pin the bottom and sew. I normally do 1/2 in. wide.
  6. Hang up to see if right.
  7. I normally wash after I am done.


5 thoughts on “DIY Curtains 

  1. Rachel G

    I like the nice light fabric for a curtain–heavy curtains can make a room feel too closed in, I always feel. I really want to get a sewing machine one of these days!


  2. Erin

    What a pretty and cheery color! I bought fabric to make curtains for my kitchen over a year ago. I’ve just been waiting for some motivation to do them. this might be it, thanks!


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