Lunchpal lunch box Review

LunchPal a great product when you have kids or need to bring food with you. It has kept my daughter’s snack cookies perfect for days. It can also hold a cut up sandwich (penguin shaped) with a small snack. This is a small one, so I don’t expect to hold a lot. Plus a toddler like mine doesn’t eat much. She is a grazer.

It is easy to use and fits well in a lunch bag. It can withstand a toddler also. (Has been thrown around a lot.) I love that it is stainless steel. I hate using plastic, but that is what everything is made of when you are on a budget.

Only thing is the latches on sides need to be built stronger. Already had one pop off. Easy to put back on though. Maybe needs a steel rod though that part like a hing.

Love the color and how it is made. Will test with wet food and liquid soup next and update when I do.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount for a honest review.


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