Life gets in the way…

I haven’t posted in a long time. My only excuse is life gets in the way. Two new jobs, toddler, husband, broken thumb and all. Life has even gotten in my way with working out. I need to redo things in my life to make it work. I want no more excuses.

My fulltime job will be done after Halloween. Husband got a good promotion that will keep him away from home more. I am going to focus on my Virtual Assistant business and take care of my little girl. I am going to work out 5 days a week and start slowly eating better. 

Life is always an excuse and I am tired of it. It shouldn’t be one. It should be what motivates you. I am making changes for myself and my family. I want us all to be happier and healthier. 

Hope you all learn from my journey and motivate yourselves to accomplish everything you want.