Time for yourself during the Holidays


Who hasn’t thought they didn’t get time for themselves during the holidays? I know I have. This year I am taking a few mins here and there to relax and do something I want to do.

I have been taking long hot baths with a book, going grocery shopping on my own (husband gets our 2 yr old) and buying some new makeup and clothes for myself.

I find that I am a better person, mom, and wife┬áif I take care of myself first. I can’t keep neglecting myself just to take care of everyone else. It isn’t healthy.

  1. Find 5 mins here and there to relax
  2. A couple times a week, go do something alone
  3. Buy something you want, but don’t need
  4. Take a nice long hot bath
  5. Just spend time on yourself


Enjoy your Holidays this year! Take care of yourself and be Happy!



Seventh Generation #comeclean Campaign

Once you have a child, you think about the cleaning products you have and if they are safe for your child. I know I did. I also looked into information about what was in my cleaners and found some crazy facts.

  1. They don’t always list the ingredients on the bottles.
  2. Most are made with harmful chemicals that you don’t even need to use
  3. Most of them are so unsafe for children, that you will make you think twice

I went on a search for cleaners that do the same job, but that are safe. I found a couple options. One is homemade cleaner and two is cleaners like #seventhgeneration.

I loved that they are safe for children and they are helping spread the word about other companies and what is on the labels for those products.

I still use store bought harmful cleaners, but they are used for the really tough messes and are always locked up or out of reach.

Help spread the word with #comeclean