Store Clearance is best time to buy!

Who doesn’t love deals? I happened to get an email right before I was leaving to get groceries. Guess what! It was 50% off clearance price at Meijer! So guess where I went? It was on toys and clothes. I also found some great deals on a couple separate baby items.

This haul doesn’t include about 10-15 toys for my daughters birthday and Christmas presents this year! Her gifts are done!!! Spent $120 and saved $270!

Water park $16

Advent Calendar $11 (different sale from Christmas)

Clothes $1.60-$2 each not shown are 3 outfits for daughter

Baby toys $2-$3 each

Kid toys $2-$10 each (includes dolls, Disney stuffed animals, wood toys)

Baby Blankets and sheets $5 each.

Wait for the end of season clearance sales! I usually try to also buy a few different sizes of clothes for my daughter and will for the new baby.

Meijer has a huge clearance sale 2-4xs a year.

Walmart just keeps marking prices down until they have to remove from floor.

Kroger has Manager Specials and a small section for it, but look in the aisles for their clearance tags.. Great hidden finds.



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