Toddler Style – What in the world are they wearing?



What is toddler style? Well for mom’s and dad’s it is whatever you can force them into. They are learning to be independent and boy are they ever. There is 3 different styles for toddlers. Holiday, Photo Shoot and Wearer’s Choice! 95% of the time it is Wearer’s Choice. I get lucky sometimes or Daddy does and pick the go to store clothes! (Be thankful for those days.)

Holidays – WE DRESS THEM! I know I am not the only one who forces her 2.5 yr old into matching nice outfits for holidays, so that they look nice for once.


Photo Shoots: Outfits that we make sure go with whatever we are wearing or they look great for the reason of photos – Birthday Photo Below.


Wearer’s Choice: Everyday photos of craziness where they pick their clothes and look crazy 95% of the time. You never know what is going to happen. (They still end up cute monsters.)



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