DIY HE Laundry Detergent 

I have been into saving money for a few years and this is one of my favorites. My very first batch lasted almost 2 years!

I buy my supplies at Walmart. Total out of pocket

Borax: $3.97

Arm and Hammer Washing Soda: $3.97

Zote Shaved Laundry Soap $2.64

Grand Total: $10.58

I add 1 cup of each until one runs out. I use a 13 qt bucket and this makes 5qts!

You use 1tablespoon for a normal load, 2 for a large load and 3 if you are like me and your husband has nasty work clothes.

You can add fabric softener if you like.

It works in both regular and HE washer and dryers. I have HE and have no problems.


Free Printables

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DIY Back of Seat Organizer

So since I have a 1 yr old currently, I needed something to keep her toys and things off the floor board. I found this on Pinterest and thought I could make it!

Here is how:

  1. Cut 2 28×20 panals of your main background fabric
  2. Cut 2 11X9 of your pocket fabric 
  3. Cut a 21×5 strip for your strap in either fabric you want.
  4. Sew the one long side of each pocket (which I forgot to do) to have that as the side that will be open. 
  5. Put the Pocket fabric where you want it and then fold 1/4in under and pin to your main fabric all around the 3 sides. Do this for both pockets.
  6. Sew pockets.
  7. Now take your fabric for the strap and fold in about an inch and then pin them together. Sew together.
  8. Now take the 2nd piece of main fabric, choose which side will be inside and pin the strap to it.  I usually keep 1/2-1inch past the top. Just remember that you will need to fold.
  9. Now put both main pieces together inside out and sew. Leave top open so you can turn it right side out.
  10. Once turned right side out sew you top closed.


DIY Curtains 

I needed a new curtain for my 1 yr daughter’s room, so I figured I would make one. I am big on saving money and using what I already have. I love the special touch of something made by hand. Now in advance, I am just getting more into sewing. My sewing skills are not great, but basic. Learning more every time I make something.

First I measured the size I needed and lucky me, I had a panal of fabric that was the perfect size just need a small amount off the bottom. My window is long, but I am making the curtain to the floor.

  1. Measure your window.
  2. Measure out the fabric you need plus extra for the seems.
  3. I first pin the two longer sides together and sew. I usually do 1/2 inch wide for the sides
  4. Then I pin the top to the size I need for the curtain rod. I normall do 2.5-3 inches wide.
  5. Then I pin the bottom and sew. I normally do 1/2 in. wide.
  6. Hang up to see if right.
  7. I normally wash after I am done.


Recipe: Quesadillas 


Who doesn’t love homemade Quesadillas? It is a staple at our house. It is quick easy and toddler approved!

We have picky eaters, so we made our own. I love ham and mozzarella.
My toddler loves cheese and sometimes chicken.
My husband loves meat and cheese galore and anything else he can think of.


Items Needed:
Soft Tortilla Shells (corn or flour)
non-stick cooking spray

We use a large griddle and make all at once.

Heat griddle to 350-400 degrees
Spray with non-stick cooking spray if needed
Lay a tortilla down
Add toppings
Add another tortilla or fold current on over on itself.
Cook for just a couple mins til lightly brown.

Simple easy and boy does it taste delicious!


Diy de-icer

The snow is here in Indiana! We had fun this morning getting our car ready to drive. Windshield is complete ice and over 3 inches of snow. Plus they plowed some snow behind our car, so you know it was fun getting out with a low riding car. Well we had to make Diy De-icer this morning.


Spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol


Mix 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol.

Either mix in spray bottle or mix seperately then add to bottle.

Easy as can be and works great! Hope this helps the ones who get the fun snow and ice.

Be safe out there.


Cloth Diapers are easier than you think!

 If you have a child in diapers, you understand that they are expensive! I swear you use all your extra income on them, wipes and formula. It gets crazy.

I always wanted to try cloth diapers, but didn’t know how I was going to afford starting my stash. I looked and found some great deals. If you are like me, you want cheap, but still good. I found some at 2 different places. Diaperswappers and Amazon. They have great deals and bundles.

I have a stash of 35 diapers (with a insert each) plus a x-large wet bag. I paid $250 for it all. I used them at home until my daughter was 6 months old. We were given a lot of disposable diapers, so we used them when out and about and staying with family. I loved them, even if my husband didn’t. (Men!)

My diapers were one-size pocket diapers. I loved that they were easy to clean and dried quicker. There are also prefolds, AI1, AI2, flats and more. They held a lot of pee and I never had any blow outs with them. (Which is amazing all in itself!)

My way of washing my pocket diapers:

  1. Wash every 3-4 days (depends on how many diapers you have in your stash, but this is probably the longest you want to go)
  2. Put all diapers into your wet bag til you are ready.
  3. Take inserts out of diapers before putting everything in the washer. Even put your wet bad inside out into the washer.
  4. I have a HE washer and dryer. I have a pre-soak button that I use with a heavy duty cycle.
  5. I use homemade detergent. ( On another post!)
  6. Once they are done washing, I hang up all pocket diapers to air dry, throw the inserts and wet bag into dryer on heavy duty drying cycle.
  7. Side note. I also washed and dried her baby clothes with the diapers and had no problems.
  8. I let the hang drying diapers dry overnight and they are ready to go next day!