Toddler Style – What in the world are they wearing?



What is toddler style? Well for mom’s and dad’s it is whatever you can force them into. They are learning to be independent and boy are they ever. There is 3 different styles for toddlers. Holiday, Photo Shoot and Wearer’s Choice! 95% of the time it is Wearer’s Choice. I get lucky sometimes or Daddy does and pick the go to store clothes! (Be thankful for those days.)

Holidays – WE DRESS THEM! I know I am not the only one who forces her 2.5 yr old into matching nice outfits for holidays, so that they look nice for once.


Photo Shoots: Outfits that we make sure go with whatever we are wearing or they look great for the reason of photos – Birthday Photo Below.


Wearer’s Choice: Everyday photos of craziness where they pick their clothes and look crazy 95% of the time. You never know what is going to happen. (They still end up cute monsters.)



Family Photos

We got some family photos done! BTW it takes forever to get a man and a toddler to cooperate properly. Ha Ha. I think my friend Kathy did a great job.  Shows that not all photos are perfect, no matter how much you try.

Life and adventures!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, been busy and sick with everything under the sun. Here are some of our adventures from the past month or two:

She got to explore our jungle of a yard and loved it!

She finally moved to the table wth the the booster seat part of high chair and is so happy about being a big girl!

We went to the park hiking/walking trails. She loved all the dogs she got to see. 

The park has a creek, so it was her first time. Daddy taught her to throw rocks and to splash with her feet.

Mommy made homemade play sand with baby oil and flour. Someone had a blast. 

I decided to do some yard work and made tires into planters and decoration.

Her first official Easter egg hunt at greatgrandmas. She had fun collecting pretty eggs and running around. 

My friend Kathie took amazing Easter photos of bel for easter. Toddlers are crazy and hard to photograph.

Movies and shows for 1yr olds.

Now that my daughter is one, I am working on finding shows and movies for her to watch. 

Some of our favorites:

  1. Franklin is really great for kids and teaches lessons. It is colorful and has animals which we all know kids love.
  2. Kid songs/learning songs DVDs are great, we use baby Einstein, Dave and Ava, super simple songs and little baby bum. These are great to watch and keep on in the background. 
  3. CareBears is so cute and teaches lessons. Great for them to watch.
  4. Multi-show DVDs are great because you get a variety. We love the pbs ones.
  5. Sofia the first is just too cute and teaches lessons. When you have a girl you have to have princesses.
  6. Paw patrol is fun and of course it’s dogs! 
  7. Star Wars rebels because well this house is a Star Wars house!
  8. Disney movies and also anything with fish are good too. 
  9. Mickey Mouse clubhouse is kinda annoying to parents but kids love it!

We try not to let her watch much if any of adult shows. We tend to watch them before we go to bed or on a laptop or tablet with one headphone in while she is playing and/or watching her own show. 

I understand about limiting the tv time and believe me she plays all day long! It helps them learn and pick up new words if it is playing in the background. Plus some of the learning ones show them things like clapping and such. 

P.s. SpongeBob is not happening haha

What are you favorites and least favorites? 


Things you will need for a new baby

You see so many lists and registries for a new baby, that you may get overwhelmed. I know I was. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before she came into this world, but really what do you need?

I had some great friends and family that helped thankfully. I also did some research on products. I went basic and cheap and stocked up. I found deals or had things given to me.

Here is my list of items that we used and loved:

  1. Rock n Play Sleeper is my number one. It cradles them, it has them reclined, it can make music, vibrate and rock. It is a life saver, It even folds up, so you can take it with you. I had mine given to me, I just had to clean it and I even passed it on to a friend who loves it as well. iphone - 2014 037
  2. Changing Table is also another that was great. I had it in my living room for the first 4 months. It was great storage and came in handy when you had a gross baby. Most come with a buckle to keep them on there if u need to grab something or they wiggle a lot. Don’t always trust the sides to do that, if they are built up high. I got mine on a Facebook yard sale site for $25. Our daughter is one now and we use it for extra storage and to hold diapers in her room.
  3. Diaper Pail is a must! Baby diapers stink!!!!! We bought a cheap diaper pail, link provided. It uses kitchen trash bags, which is great. We buy the febreeze trash bags in bulk and are good to go. It holds a LOT too. Saves you money and your nose!
  4. Diapers are a must. We used Luvs diapers, plus whatever else we were given. Luvs hold a lot of pee by the way. We also used cloth one-size pocket diapers which are a lifesaver if you need to save money and have a washer and dryer. Buy in bulk with coupons, sales, and walmart/amazon. Also the link brings you to walmart to the biggest box of luvs diapers you can get at a retail store!
  5. Boudreaux Products are amazing and a life saver. They make butt paste in normal and extra strength plus a natural version, dry skin ointment, lip and cheek moisturizer, rash preventor, and body wash and shampoo. They are also safe for cloth diapers!
  6. Humidifiers are a must. Especially if you life in a place that the weather changes often or its extra cold or extra hot.
  7. Nose suction and saline are another you will need. Can get from hospital (hint).
  8. Onsies are major, lots of accidents can happen, I usually like to have enough to change 2xs a day, just in case.
  9. Bottles if you are formula or pumped breast milk feeding. I love playtex ventaire.
  10. One cuddly blanket for baby. The sleeper rocker was great because you can use a blanket and also they are good for tummy time. Blankets are baby’s friends.
  11. Fan because it helps prevent SIDS
  12. Wipes are needed for more than just butts. We buy in bulk of pampers, but when we can we buy the one and done wipes for when poop happens. They are great for little hands and faces. Also may save mommy and daddy too!

These are the bare necessities we used. Below will be a few extras to have if you are like my daughter and born in winter in Indiana.

  1. socks
  2. mittens
  3. hats
  4. wipe warmer (helps stop shooting pee)
  5. carseat cover
  6. pants

Then and Now of my cute Daughter. A year makes such a difference.

Let me know if you think of anything else that is a must to have or for weather specific.

2016 Resolutions and Goals!

Most people make resolutions and don’t keep them, so I am making resolutions and goals. I am putting them into my phone as a monthly reminder and my husband is helping me. If you are like me, you need a little support to stay on track and not let life get in the way. This past year has been crazy, hard and rewarding.

This year will (fingers crossed) be better. My daughter is 1, my 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up and my health is starting to get better.

Resolutions and Goals:

  1. Make my husband feel special more often.
  2. Take care of myself more.
  3. Help my daughter learn as much as she can.
  4. Lose 2-3lbs per month and keep it off.
  5. Strengthen my knee.
  6. Start a decent savings.
  7. Pay off more debt.
  8. Work more on my blog.

8 may seem like a lot, but I am going to work on them a little at a time. If you don’t rush things, they stick better and become habits. Would love to hear about some of your resolutions and goals!


Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I celebrated Christmas with a lot of family (7 different ones) Crazy I know. Made it up to northern Indiana to my side of the family and everyone loved Annabel. It was so great seeing them all. My twin brother even paid for a date for my husband and I! We saw star-wars on Christmas Night and even splurged on popcorn. Dates are rare, but movie theater popcorn is more so.

Annabel was spoiled (only grand-baby so far) and loved the toys and other kids to play with. My husband even enjoyed himself some, he has anxieties, so I was proud of him. (I have a very large family) We both got some great presents from everyone and won some cool ones during the bingo and exchange.

We started Annabel with a tradition, now that she is one. Christmas eve she gets a pair of pajamas, a book and a movie. We got her the book Twis the Night Before Christmas and the Movie The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

Hope everyone is safe tonight for New Years and congrats to Amber and Lauren for their New Years Wedding and Happy Anniversary to Todd and Becky. Love you all!

End of 2015 Update

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have gotten so busy. So here is an update and a promise:

My daughter turned 1!! She is walking, kinda talking, enjoying a couple bottles of breastmilk a day and eating like a crazy person. She has finally 2 teeth and her hair is finally coming in. She is just so adorable. (I am biased 🙂 )

My husband and I will be going on 5 years in April! I love him so much and he supports us right now, so I can stay home with our daughter. He spoils us both. He has been getting back into drumming now that his music room is back to where you can move around in it. It was storage for a while.

I have been growing my hair, which is very weird for me. I love chin length hair the most. I also have been going through some health issues. Knee pain, Stomach problems and Post Partum Anxiety. Getting back into working out now that physical therapy is over and they gave me ways to work around my knee. Need to lose some weight and get healthy.

Blog Posts Update:

I will be posting at least once a month from now on, things like product reviews, book reviews, Music that I am into at the moment, working out, healthy eating, and Mommy updates. Also as I get into saving money, I will be posting about that as well.

New Year, New Goals

My New family
My New family

2014 is over and a lot had happened. I finished college, got pregnant, quit my job, moved, gave birth and celebrated our First Christmas with our new daughter.

2015 is a year of more changes, but hopefully all good. I am working out 5 days a week, changed my diet and started making more of my own items.

My husband is working hard to support us, we are finally getting a car again and my daughter is healing great and healthy.

Life throws us curve balls once in awhile. I now have C-Diff, that made me change my diet and hurt my ability to take care of my daughter. I am now on medicine and figuring it out.

I have also started cloth diapering my daughter, made my own laundry detergent, started sewing and doing DIY projects.

I am working hard at being the best stay at home mom that I can be.


Continue working out the whole year

Cut out all pop (except Sprite)

Limit Acid and Fatty Foods

Sew clothes

Keep the house clean and organized

Take care of my husband when he is home