Toddler Style – What in the world are they wearing?



What is toddler style? Well for mom’s and dad’s it is whatever you can force them into. They are learning to be independent and boy are they ever. There is 3 different styles for toddlers. Holiday, Photo Shoot and Wearer’s Choice! 95% of the time it is Wearer’s Choice. I get lucky sometimes or Daddy does and pick the go to store clothes! (Be thankful for those days.)

Holidays – WE DRESS THEM! I know I am not the only one who forces her 2.5 yr old into matching nice outfits for holidays, so that they look nice for once.


Photo Shoots: Outfits that we make sure go with whatever we are wearing or they look great for the reason of photos – Birthday Photo Below.


Wearer’s Choice: Everyday photos of craziness where they pick their clothes and look crazy 95% of the time. You never know what is going to happen. (They still end up cute monsters.)



Diaper Stockpile Goals

stencil.pinterest-post (2)

As we all know, diapers and wipes add up quick! I swear we pay so much for anything baby related, I am surprised we can afford it. Costs are always rising too. We can do things to help us cut down costs and make a stockpile before the baby or babies come into the world.

Diaper Sizes and Amounts

Size 1 – 5 packages

Size 2 – 10 packages

Size 3 – 10 packages

Size 4 – 15 packages

Size 5 – 5 packages

Size 6 – 5 packages

Wipes – 15 packages (keep upside down to keep them moist)

Stores with Best Deals

Dollar General – Use their special coupons such as $5 off $25, digital coupons, paper coupons and sales to get your best price. I just did a $30 off $80 for Diapers. Bought 6 cases and 4 bags of Dollar general brand diapers and 1 bag of pampers diapers for $62 – saved $45.70. Used only Digitals too!

CVS – This is a great store for paper coupons. Combine paper coupons, with the extra care card coupons plus sales for amazing prices and usually extrabucks back!

Walmart – They have the cheapest prices usually and if you are lucky to get great paper coupons (especially from Manufacturer) then you can have very low out of pocket expense and sometimes even cash back. This is where I get my wipes 90% of the time.

Target – My last favorite store is target! They have great deals that you can get gift cards back for buying so much in different sales. I usually see for diapers $20-25 gift cards on purchases of certain amounts. Combine with sale price and coupons for best deal.
I now have 55 packages of wipes and spent $20

I have 6 cases of dg diapers, 1 large case of pampers, 6 bags of baby organic, 9 bags of huggies, 4 bags of dg diapers, 5 bags of Luvs diapers and 2 bags of pampers. Spent roughly $100! Missing are the 2 packages I am using for my daughter currently.

Teach Young Children About Money



When you are a thrifty momma or just a momma in general, you want your children to learn about money, it’s value and how to manage it. Teaching new things are never quick and easy. You should always break it up into segments to give them time to learn and retain the information. Build on their knowledge as you go.

We started teaching our daughter when she turned 2. She is learning more and more each day. Don’t rush them and make it fun.

  1. Teach them what they are called.
  2. Teach them the different sizes and colors.
  3. Teach them how much each is worth.
  4. Teach them paper money names.
  5. Teach them how to sort paper money by president face and/or numbers.
  6. Teach them the value of the bills.
  7. Teach them how to add money.
  8. Teach them how to shop with money.
  9. Teach them how to save money.
  10. Make sure you use real money when teaching so they don’t get so confused. With paper money, I understand using fake money, but you want to make sure it looks pretty real. We use real money for $20 bills or less.

You can make this fun in many ways. My daughter loves to help daddy put away his money every night when he comes home. She knows it isn’t hers too, that we are saving this money. She helps name, sort and put into coin rolls. She is only 2.5 years old. She hardly ever messes up and when she does, we just tell her we need to fix our money and start over. She is completely fine with playing longer with money! Ha Ha.

Seventh Generation #comeclean Campaign

Once you have a child, you think about the cleaning products you have and if they are safe for your child. I know I did. I also looked into information about what was in my cleaners and found some crazy facts.

  1. They don’t always list the ingredients on the bottles.
  2. Most are made with harmful chemicals that you don’t even need to use
  3. Most of them are so unsafe for children, that you will make you think twice

I went on a search for cleaners that do the same job, but that are safe. I found a couple options. One is homemade cleaner and two is cleaners like #seventhgeneration.

I loved that they are safe for children and they are helping spread the word about other companies and what is on the labels for those products.

I still use store bought harmful cleaners, but they are used for the really tough messes and are always locked up or out of reach.

Help spread the word with #comeclean



How I spend only $50 on my child for Christmas…


What is your budget per kid for Christmas? Well at my house it is $50! You may think this is crazy and such a small amount considering electronics and such. Not so crazy if you think about it.

Who waits till the month before Christmas to shop? Well I don’t! I literally start the day after Christmas for the next year’s items. I learn the clearance times of year for my local stores, I scour online for coupon codes, free shipping, and huge sales/clearance, and I shop second hand. Not everything has to have a huge price tag.

My favorite place for toys is Meijer! They have wonderful clearance and you earn bucks back with purchases. They use the original price for those totals also! Score! I got a Rock and Royal Barbie this year on clearance for $5 from its original price of around $25. Daughter loves Barbies and Music.914jp2n-qgl-_sl1500_


Who would pass up that price? Right? I love finding great deals. I also got “dress up” clothes on sale for $2 a piece. They are basically the Halloween costumes that went 90% off. I am talking Hello Kitty, Police women, Batgirl, Supergirl and a few others. I got her a few other items too and my total came to $47.43 this year with tax. She will have tons of presents under the tree and has no idea how much I spent. I am a frugal shopper, not due to finances, but due to the fact that I can spend that leftover money on other things for my house, my job, my car and even put it in savings. Hopefully, you all have a happy holidays and you find some great deals!


Family Photos

We got some family photos done! BTW it takes forever to get a man and a toddler to cooperate properly. Ha Ha. I think my friend Kathy did a great job.  Shows that not all photos are perfect, no matter how much you try.

Product Review: Teething Necklace and Bracelet

Disclaimer: I received this at a discounted or free price for an honest review.

I will start out by saying my daughter hated teething items except her giraffe and vibrating strawberry. I have been having trouble finding something she likes. She is late getting her teeth and have 4 top front teeth coming in at once. She is miserable.

I looked into different products and found this set. I was worried at first, but figured I would try it.

It is a Silicone Baby Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear. BPA Free FDA approved. Originally $23.99 on Amazon for $13.99 It is a set. It is made by Haidue.

It works Amazon and my daughter steals the bracelet and thinks it hers only (she is 16months and sassy).  We take it everywhere we can.  She is so picky and lucky she is cute.

This a great product!

Lunchpal lunch box Review

LunchPal a great product when you have kids or need to bring food with you. It has kept my daughter’s snack cookies perfect for days. It can also hold a cut up sandwich (penguin shaped) with a small snack. This is a small one, so I don’t expect to hold a lot. Plus a toddler like mine doesn’t eat much. She is a grazer.

It is easy to use and fits well in a lunch bag. It can withstand a toddler also. (Has been thrown around a lot.) I love that it is stainless steel. I hate using plastic, but that is what everything is made of when you are on a budget.

Only thing is the latches on sides need to be built stronger. Already had one pop off. Easy to put back on though. Maybe needs a steel rod though that part like a hing.

Love the color and how it is made. Will test with wet food and liquid soup next and update when I do.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount for a honest review.


DIY Back of Seat Organizer

So since I have a 1 yr old currently, I needed something to keep her toys and things off the floor board. I found this on Pinterest and thought I could make it!

Here is how:

  1. Cut 2 28×20 panals of your main background fabric
  2. Cut 2 11X9 of your pocket fabric 
  3. Cut a 21×5 strip for your strap in either fabric you want.
  4. Sew the one long side of each pocket (which I forgot to do) to have that as the side that will be open. 
  5. Put the Pocket fabric where you want it and then fold 1/4in under and pin to your main fabric all around the 3 sides. Do this for both pockets.
  6. Sew pockets.
  7. Now take your fabric for the strap and fold in about an inch and then pin them together. Sew together.
  8. Now take the 2nd piece of main fabric, choose which side will be inside and pin the strap to it.  I usually keep 1/2-1inch past the top. Just remember that you will need to fold.
  9. Now put both main pieces together inside out and sew. Leave top open so you can turn it right side out.
  10. Once turned right side out sew you top closed.


Movies and shows for 1yr olds.

Now that my daughter is one, I am working on finding shows and movies for her to watch. 

Some of our favorites:

  1. Franklin is really great for kids and teaches lessons. It is colorful and has animals which we all know kids love.
  2. Kid songs/learning songs DVDs are great, we use baby Einstein, Dave and Ava, super simple songs and little baby bum. These are great to watch and keep on in the background. 
  3. CareBears is so cute and teaches lessons. Great for them to watch.
  4. Multi-show DVDs are great because you get a variety. We love the pbs ones.
  5. Sofia the first is just too cute and teaches lessons. When you have a girl you have to have princesses.
  6. Paw patrol is fun and of course it’s dogs! 
  7. Star Wars rebels because well this house is a Star Wars house!
  8. Disney movies and also anything with fish are good too. 
  9. Mickey Mouse clubhouse is kinda annoying to parents but kids love it!

We try not to let her watch much if any of adult shows. We tend to watch them before we go to bed or on a laptop or tablet with one headphone in while she is playing and/or watching her own show. 

I understand about limiting the tv time and believe me she plays all day long! It helps them learn and pick up new words if it is playing in the background. Plus some of the learning ones show them things like clapping and such. 

P.s. SpongeBob is not happening haha

What are you favorites and least favorites?