Family Photos

We got some family photos done! BTW it takes forever to get a man and a toddler to cooperate properly. Ha Ha. I think my friend Kathy did a great job.  Shows that not all photos are perfect, no matter how much you try.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I celebrated Christmas with a lot of family (7 different ones) Crazy I know. Made it up to northern Indiana to my side of the family and everyone loved Annabel. It was so great seeing them all. My twin brother even paid for a date for my husband and I! We saw star-wars on Christmas Night and even splurged on popcorn. Dates are rare, but movie theater popcorn is more so.

Annabel was spoiled (only grand-baby so far) and loved the toys and other kids to play with. My husband even enjoyed himself some, he has anxieties, so I was proud of him. (I have a very large family) We both got some great presents from everyone and won some cool ones during the bingo and exchange.

We started Annabel with a tradition, now that she is one. Christmas eve she gets a pair of pajamas, a book and a movie. We got her the book Twis the Night Before Christmas and the Movie The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

Hope everyone is safe tonight for New Years and congrats to Amber and Lauren for their New Years Wedding and Happy Anniversary to Todd and Becky. Love you all!

End of 2015 Update

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have gotten so busy. So here is an update and a promise:

My daughter turned 1!! She is walking, kinda talking, enjoying a couple bottles of breastmilk a day and eating like a crazy person. She has finally 2 teeth and her hair is finally coming in. She is just so adorable. (I am biased 🙂 )

My husband and I will be going on 5 years in April! I love him so much and he supports us right now, so I can stay home with our daughter. He spoils us both. He has been getting back into drumming now that his music room is back to where you can move around in it. It was storage for a while.

I have been growing my hair, which is very weird for me. I love chin length hair the most. I also have been going through some health issues. Knee pain, Stomach problems and Post Partum Anxiety. Getting back into working out now that physical therapy is over and they gave me ways to work around my knee. Need to lose some weight and get healthy.

Blog Posts Update:

I will be posting at least once a month from now on, things like product reviews, book reviews, Music that I am into at the moment, working out, healthy eating, and Mommy updates. Also as I get into saving money, I will be posting about that as well.

New Year, New Goals

My New family
My New family

2014 is over and a lot had happened. I finished college, got pregnant, quit my job, moved, gave birth and celebrated our First Christmas with our new daughter.

2015 is a year of more changes, but hopefully all good. I am working out 5 days a week, changed my diet and started making more of my own items.

My husband is working hard to support us, we are finally getting a car again and my daughter is healing great and healthy.

Life throws us curve balls once in awhile. I now have C-Diff, that made me change my diet and hurt my ability to take care of my daughter. I am now on medicine and figuring it out.

I have also started cloth diapering my daughter, made my own laundry detergent, started sewing and doing DIY projects.

I am working hard at being the best stay at home mom that I can be.


Continue working out the whole year

Cut out all pop (except Sprite)

Limit Acid and Fatty Foods

Sew clothes

Keep the house clean and organized

Take care of my husband when he is home