Seventh Generation #comeclean Campaign

Once you have a child, you think about the cleaning products you have and if they are safe for your child. I know I did. I also looked into information about what was in my cleaners and found some crazy facts.

  1. They don’t always list the ingredients on the bottles.
  2. Most are made with harmful chemicals that you don’t even need to use
  3. Most of them are so unsafe for children, that you will make you think twice

I went on a search for cleaners that do the same job, but that are safe. I found a couple options. One is homemade cleaner and two is cleaners like #seventhgeneration.

I loved that they are safe for children and they are helping spread the word about other companies and what is on the labels for those products.

I still use store bought harmful cleaners, but they are used for the really tough messes and are always locked up or out of reach.

Help spread the word with #comeclean



Product Review: Teething Necklace and Bracelet

Disclaimer: I received this at a discounted or free price for an honest review.

I will start out by saying my daughter hated teething items except her giraffe and vibrating strawberry. I have been having trouble finding something she likes. She is late getting her teeth and have 4 top front teeth coming in at once. She is miserable.

I looked into different products and found this set. I was worried at first, but figured I would try it.

It is a Silicone Baby Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear. BPA Free FDA approved. Originally $23.99 on Amazon for $13.99 It is a set. It is made by Haidue.

It works Amazon and my daughter steals the bracelet and thinks it hers only (she is 16months and sassy).  We take it everywhere we can.  She is so picky and lucky she is cute.

This a great product!

Product Review: Frosty Pillow Gel Mat


Frosty Pillow Gel Mat – Cooling Pillow Mat – Reduces Migraines, Hot Flashes and Fevers Soft & Flexible Slim Design Conforms to Your Body – ADULT SIZE – Includes Storage Cover (12.5 x 22 inches)Make hot nights cooler and more bearable with a cooling gel mat that can even reduce fevers, night sweats and migraines. 

There’s nothing worse than a hot night’s sleep. You toss and turn, only to wake up feeling like you didn’t get any rest and worse, that you could be sick. But thanks to the revolutionary Frosty Pillow Gel Mat, you’re about to get the best, most cooling rest of your life.

Designed using premium, safe medical-grade gel, the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat ensures that you go to sleep on a cool, comforting pillow. Whether you choose to slide it inside your pillowcase or lie directly on top of it, our gel mat is soft, comfortable and won’t interrupt your sleep patterns. With the ability to reduce headaches and migraines, fevers and hot flashes, it’s time you relied on the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat to get a truly wonderful night’s sleep.


✓ Soothes hot flashes, fevers, migraines, and night sweats
✓ Great for relieving head and neck pain
✓ Soft, flexible and comfortable
✓ Cooling gel within; won’t leak
✓ Adult-sized
✓ Includes a FREE storage cover


I got this product for a discount to give an honest review. I personally love this product. Yes, it does have a smell to it because it is plastic, but it works as intended. I used it recently when my 16-month-old daughter’s fever wouldn’t break. It helped her cool off and helped the Motrin break her fever. You put it flat in the freezer for an hr and it lasts over an hr. at least for us, it did. I have no complaints so far.

Update: My daughter is 2.5 now and we use it when she is teething, sick or just burning up after playing outside. Now that I am pregnant, I have been using it during my crazy hot flash moments. It really does help.

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Lunchpal lunch box Review

LunchPal a great product when you have kids or need to bring food with you. It has kept my daughter’s snack cookies perfect for days. It can also hold a cut up sandwich (penguin shaped) with a small snack. This is a small one, so I don’t expect to hold a lot. Plus a toddler like mine doesn’t eat much. She is a grazer.

It is easy to use and fits well in a lunch bag. It can withstand a toddler also. (Has been thrown around a lot.) I love that it is stainless steel. I hate using plastic, but that is what everything is made of when you are on a budget.

Only thing is the latches on sides need to be built stronger. Already had one pop off. Easy to put back on though. Maybe needs a steel rod though that part like a hing.

Love the color and how it is made. Will test with wet food and liquid soup next and update when I do.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount for a honest review.